A Discussion of the Main Course

The dinner selection at Bar Frances is exciting as it is diverse. No wonder patrons can’t get enough of the New Orleans restaurant. The dinner offerings range from large plates to small plates to cocktails and other selections. One of the most popular selections is the warm castelvetrano olives, which go for $7 and feature orange rind and fennel seeds. The fried chickpeas go for $6 and feature lime zest, cumin, smoked paprika, and cotija. Also available at $7 is hand-cut french fries which are served with aioli. Whipped feta is available at $11 and features country bread, house pickles, and Aleppo chili.

Peach & Jumbo Lump Crab is one of the most delightful small plate offerings. This selection goes for $16 and features peppercorn oil, Szechuan, lemongrass, shisho, avocado, roasted Anaheim peppers. Prince Edward Island Mussels go for $14 and feature dill chips, malt vinegar, and pistachio pesto. Baby green salad goes for $8 and features peaches, pink peppercorn vinaigrette, sunflower seeds, parmesan, and torn herbs. Charred Octopus goes for $16 and features smoky freekeh salad, orange vinaigrette, house-cured salami, chilies, and fermented cucumber. Tuna tartare goes for $15 and features goji berries, pickled turmeric, taro root chips, lemon pepita vinaigrette, and Persian cucumbers. Grilled watermelon is available for $10 and features guajillo pepper, lime basil, feta, and sea salt.

Hanger steak & fries are one of the most popular selections of large plates at Bar Frances. This selection goes for $26 and features Argentinian chimichurri. Seared scallops go for $25 and feature a delightful blend of cantaloupe, thyme, and agave vinaigrette, summer pepper relish, county ham, and sugar snap peas.

Watermelon glazed short ribs are available for $25 and feature marinated yellow squash, soured lime cream, watermelon pickles, and roasted tomatillos. The lamb meatball Verde goes for $24 and features pappardelle, parmesan, date syrup, pine nuts, arugula, parsley, basil, oregano, and oyster mushrooms. Grilled avocado goes for $18 and features herbed basmati rice, candied pumpkin seed za’atar, sweet corn vinaigrette, tomato coulis, and Oaxacan chili. Also available is the Frances burger. It features similar ingredients to the one offered during brunch and the price is the same($16)

Now obviously, Bar Frances’ dinner menu would not be complete without drink offerings. Atop the list is house cocktails. Hibiscus Daiquiri goes for $9 and features charanda rum, absinthe rinse, tarragon, lime, and hibiscus tea. Herbs and tonic also go for $9 and feature lavender gin, tonic, cucumber, lemon, elderflower, and Suze. If you want to feel a little bit victorious, try the victory lap. This cocktail goes for $10 and features rye cocoa tea bitters, lime, cardamaro lime, honey, and mango. Mamacita goes for $9 and features cardamom, lime, cherry, and Fresno chile tequila. A little to the naughty end is guilty pleasures. This selection goes for $10 and features gin, red wine float, rosemary, lemon, and maraschino. Tropic royale also goes for $10 and features a fantastic combination of rye, angostura, lemongrass cordial, lime, pineapple, and fino sherry. The establishment also offers a wide range of other beverages including ciders and beers.

All in all, Bar Frances is the perfect place in New Orleans to enjoy a delicious meal over a cocktail or beer. The extensive menu selection offers a little bit of everything for everyone and you will be hard-pressed not to find something that delights your palate. An exciting adventure awaits you at Bar Frances.

Post written by Markus Areldt. When he’s not writing about Food & Entertainment, his writings can be mostly found on LTC Tree, discussing an array of financial topics.

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